150 Sunset - Restaurant and Event Center in El Paso, TX

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Nursery & Landscaping by 150 Sunset

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At 150 Sunset we take pride in our nursery. We carry and stock plants that are unique to the Southwest and also native to the dessert landscape we live in. We provide both residential and commercial solutions for any customer, from individuals looking for potted plants for their backyards to businesses looking to add natural beauty to their offices or buildings.

Our expert Horticulturist is always on site to help you find what you are looking for, create custom potted plant arrangements, or personalize a unique space. We deliver and do on-site and off-site planting for you, to help you achieve the beautiful lush oasis you have always wanted.

Keep in mind, we are a full-service Landscaping Garden Center and our landscaping design services include three-dimensional CAD renderings to start your landscaping project.

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In detail, 150 Sunset offers the following:

  • Frost-Free Pottery
  • Fountains, Water Features, & Statuary
  • Specialty Gardening Products & Tools
  • Seasonal Plants, Trees & Herbs
  • Plant Feed & Organic Gardening Solutions
  • All Fertilizer Solutions
  • Garden Themed Decorative Products
  • Bird Feeders & Seeds
  • Nursery Consulting for Landscaping
  • On-Site Horticulturist